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Symptoms of mercury toxicity? Please help.

18 October 1999

I am having involving sharp/biting nerve sensations on my
skin. They feel like hot needles being shoved into my skin.
They are continuous though are worse sometimes than
others. I also have serious fatiuge that varies also. There
seems to be a mild corellation with diet but not a major one.
Mainly eating sweets, carbo's, or other similar. I have had
many batteries of allergy tests and most all were negative.
My symptoms seem to have coincided with an increase in
cigar smoking several  years ago and have been going
on for about 3 years. I am getting tired of them as they affect
my work and ruin my overall quality of life. It may be affecting
my mental facualties but that is so subjective I can't really say.
I was diagnosed by an alternative practitioner in Feb '99
with a reportedly alarmingly high level of mercury in my
blood and hair. I am not an activist or alarmist in this area
as I simply am in daily serious pain and just want to get well
and begin to really live again and maybe even begin to find
life bearable or maybe even enjoyable. I have had my dental
amalgam removed completely and have had about 10 or 15
DMPS treatments and have seen a  VERY minor improvement
in the pain. Before seeing the current doc I went to about
a dozen other sources to no avail. I am desperate and have
spent tens of thousands on treatment since my HMO gave up
on me and won't cover the bills. I now know the wisdom and
truth of the phrase "without your health you have nothing".
If anyone could help by commenting on what they know about
these kind of symptoms and their possible connection to mercury
I'd be grateful. I look forward hopefully to anyone who could
help shed some light on the mystery of my suffering. Warm
thanks in advance for your help.


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