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Allzuleicht verlassen sich Kranke auf Behauptungen Anderer. Manche bezahlen diese Gutgläubigkeit mit dem Leben.

Gerade noch mit dem Leben davongekommen, aber schwerkrank ist der arme Mann, der mir erlaubt hat, seine Bitte um Hilfe zu veröffentlichen.

Falls jemand etwas weiß, das ihm helfen kann: BITTE MELDEN SIE SICH!

Ill people too often believe in what others say. Many pay for this with their life.

Having survived but severly ill, a poor man sent me this email and allowed me to publish his request for help.

If someone knows something which might help: PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL!

d e c k e r s @ a r i p l e x . c o m
Aribert Deckers

DMSA and the DMSA-Hg complex half-life, and the normal values.

Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001

I was looking for S. Emerson's old page - and found your mirror. If you know his present e-mail address please forward that message quoted below to him.

I would also be grateful if you would reply to that letter as well. Thank you!


------- Forwarded message follows -------
I hope that you remeber my e-mail from October 1999. I am sorry for such a 
long silence, but the enormity of the disasters in my family in recent years 
is just incredible. 

I lost finaly my job due to the illness, and I got cerebral haemorhage on the 
1st of June 2000 - for four weeks doctors were not sure if I survive, but I am 
still alive as you see. 

I got that cerebral haemorrage during taking of DMSA. Who knows maybe it 
was involved in it? I found on that page 
an information that DMSA can cause thrombocystosis. I was taking DMSA 
produced by Fluka as a chemical reagent (>98% pure). Medical pills of DMSA 
were rather too expensive for me.

I felt worse than usually when taking DMSA - is that normal reaction? 

I keep my urine samples (gathered when taking DMSA) frozen in photografic 
film plastic containers. 

I would like to measure Hg level in it, but they (a lab in Lodz, Poland) 
want to charge me for every container as for completely separated analysis, 
so I have to choose just a few samples (3 or maybe 5 samples) for analysis 
to reduce my expenses. They would measure it by AAS cold vapours technique.

I don't know what is metabolism and half-life of DMSA and DMSA-Hg complex 
in our organisms, so I am not sure which samples to choose for analysis. 
Maybe you could help me? I am attaching a word file with a table indicating 
when and how much DMSA I took, and when urine samples were taken. On 
the last page in that file is also a copy of my CAT scan.

Do you know what values of Hg are considered normal and what high in urine 
*when taking DMSA*? I would be grateful if you would provide me with that 

I am now on 1 year of temporary pension due to the cerebral heamorrahage, 
though I have been already not able to work earlier due to Hg vapours 
poisoning in the lab with severe CFIDS/ME like symptoms. This year also my 
grandmother had a stroke (we don't even know for sure whether that was a 
bleeding stroke or not, because doctors here stint on doing CAT scans or MRI 
for elderly people), and she became left side paralysed. My mother is also 
not well, having very strong headaches. We both being ill have to take care 
alone about my paralysed grandmother - it is very exhausting, and often we 
also cannot sleep at night because of her (she often doesn't sleep all night 
long talking often without much sense to herself - that's another result of 
the  stroke). Doctors here are not helpful at all, they would rather want us 
all to die, so that we would not bother them again. And what are the 
conditions and treatment in our hospitals is a subject for yet another long 
horror story. 

We just live in hell on Earth. 

We would like to move out from here to another country, but that's not easy 
without any help from outside.

I'll better finish here.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes


------ End of forwarded message -------


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