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Directions For Use Of

Optaloy(®) II

With Zinc

Amalgam Alloy Restorative
Ultrasonically-Sealed Capsules

Caution: U.S. Federal Law Restricts This Device To Sale By Or On The Order Of A Dentist.

1 Spill Capsule - 400 mg. alloy
2 Spill Capsule - 600 mg. alloy


Ultrasonically-Sealed Capsules require no activation. Insert capsule (top first) into amalgamator arms until completely seated.
The following table gives approximate trituration times for various amalgamators. These suggested ranges are based upon our testing; however, your clinical experience in obtaining a good plastic consistency in your unit remains the best guide to trituration time. The Caulk ProMixTM amalgamator is recommended.


Due to the variation of amalgamators (even from the same manufacturer), the mercury pillow in the ultrasonically-sealed capsule may not rupture consistently in some models. If such a problem occurs, the trituration speed should be increased. If this is not possible, trituration time should be increased. Clinical experience with your amalgamator remains the best guide to trituration.

Pro MixTM Turtle 12±3
VARI-MIX® II-M M2 12±3
Wig-L-Bug* DS80 High 12±3
Wig-L-Bug* MSD 3500 rpm 12±3
ADEC* 5 12±3
Silamat Plus* P-2 7±1
ESPE CapMix* - - 8±2
* Not products of DENTSPLY/Caulk


For optimum results, it may be necessary from time to time to have amalgamator speeds recalibrated. Consult your dealer service department for details.
After trituration cycle, remove capsule from amalgamator arms. Firmly grasp capsules by bottom half and hold vertically. Insert opening rod into the indentation in the capsule top without delay. Apply quick leverage in any direction, and capsule will open with an audible "snap".
Turn opened capsule upside down to drop amalgam mass into work area. Optaloy® II amalgam is now ready for immediate placement and condensing. A gentle tap may be required to free amalgam from ultrasonically-sealed capsule. A plastic wafer which contained the mercury before mixing may occasionally be seen. It has no further function and should be discarded.
The triturated amalgam should be bright and have a plastic consistency. If the amalgam is excessively wet looking and/or sets fast, decrease trituration time or amalgamator speed. A mix that appears dry or grainy indicates that trituration time or amalgamator speed should be increased.

Immediately condense amalgam after placement of each increment-any delay might sacrifice essential properties of the restoration. To obtain more working time, decrease the trituration time slightly. An over-pack of amalgam (1 millimeter) is recommended on occlusal surfaces so that carving will remove the excess portion which contains the highest percentage of mercury, thus leaving a denser material for the exposed surface. Proper adaptation may be obtained by using conventional condensation pressures. The most efficient condensing instrument has a smooth surface.

A smooth carve may be obtained using conventional instruments. The major portion of finishing is accomplished during the carving procedure. Wait 24 hours before polishing.

This alloy contains zinc and therefore the amalgam made will show excessive corrosion and expansion if moisture is introduced during mixing and condensing.

Warning: This product contains Mercury, refer to MSDS for cautions.

U.S. Patent No. 3,841,860 and 4,306,651 on Capsule
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