Place a 2.5-inch removable HARDiskette drive in a 3.5-inch media drive bay * Click Here to download Product manual

Models                           Floppy       Drive 
AR-317OFS (interface)            FDD          SCSI-2
AR-317OFI (interface)            FDD          IDE/AT 


Capacity (formatted MB)          1.44/.720     170.6
Data heads                       2             2 
Track density (TPI)              135           4,300 
Max recording density (BPI)      17.43         81,000


Seek times (ms) 
Average                          94             <12
Track to track                   3              3 
Rotational speed (RPM)           360            3805 
Spin-up time (seconds)           <.48           <2
Buffer (KB)                      None           128
Max. sustained transfer rate (MB/Sec.)          2.00
Minutes to back up                170 MB        -2.5 


Uncorrectable data error rate (bits)            <1 in 1013
MTBF (POH)                        30,000        100,000


Operating (G's)                    10            10


HD capacity (formatted MB)         170.6 
Magnetic media (substrate)         Glass
Cartridge shock immunity (inches) 
  Drop to hard surface             24"
  With jacket                      36"


Cartridge insertions (min)         10,000 


                                   FLOPPY         PDC DRIVE 
Power (Voltage DC)                 +5V +5%        +5V +5%
R/W Seek made (W)                  1.35            2.40
Ready/Idle mode (W)                1.35            1.35
Sleep mode (W)                     0.015           0.06


                                   DRIVE            HARDISKETTE 
Height                             1.0"(25.4 mm)    0.23"(5.85 mm) 
Width                              4.0"(101.6 mm)   2.74"(69.70 mm) 
Length                             5.75"(146 mm)    3.20"(81.40 mm) 
Weight                             15 oz. (426 gm)  1.5oz. (44 gm) 

Avatar's Personal Data Cartridge (PDC) technology designed for desktops and workstations is the first high capacity, high performance 2.5-inch removable cartridge disk drive for a 3.5-inch media bay. It's small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, yet big enough to offer 170MB at less than 12 msec average access time.

No longer constrained by the capacity of floppy diskettes, users with data intensive files can back up their budgets, CAD files, medical records, or library of presentation files on an Avatar HARDiskette. And with Avatar's HARDiskettes, users can interchange these files between other desktops, workstations or notebooks with the same ease of using a 1.44MB floppy disk.

Avatar offers both IDE and SCSI-2 (with integrated floppy support) for users of 486 and Pentium based sub-notebooks, notebooks, desktops, workstations. For the next generation of high performance removable storageñget Avatar's 170MB HARDiskette.

Avartar's Personal Data Cartridge (PDC) Technology designed for a notebook's Media Bay, offers the first high capacity, high performance 2.5 inch removable

cartridge disk drive under the keyboard. An industry first. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, yet large enough to offer 170MB at less than 12 mscc average access time. Offered in IDE & SCI-2 (with integrated floppy) interface.

With the same ease of using your (1.44 MB) floppy, you can now move high capacity files from your C drive (primary hard drive) to your A drive (Avatar's 170MB Hardiskette). Full motion video, spreadsheets, graphics, CAD files, briefcase file transfer and e-mail can now be backed up, or interchanged between sub-notebooks, notebooks, desktops, and workstations. Electronic eject is supported under Windows 95.

Contact your oem today, for their next generation of performance delivering removable storage - Avatar's 170MB removable HARDiskette. * Click Here to download Product manual


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