The BBC is a bunch of autistic idiots

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Journalists are observing the world – to see, to find, and to write about what they see and find. And, of course, journalists are in intensive contact with the people all over the country.

But not the BBC. The web-site of the BBC has nearly no phone numbers. So, how can one call the journalists of the BBC and tell them what happens in the world?

The BBC even is too damned stupid to react to emails.

The following email was sent to the BBC THREE months ago:



    Dear Sirs,

    I have background material about a fraud gang which already affected a British citizen and endangers many more.

    One of their victims is Olivia Downie, a little British girl who had neuroblastoma.

    BBC documentary about Olivia Downie and other children patients with neuroblastoma:
    Video of Inside Out East from 19-11-2012

    Her fate was also mentioned in other media:

    The fraud construction is a pyramid scam which caused millions of Dollars in damages, leaving corpses. No survivors – because the “treatment” is totally ineffective. It is nothing but a fraud from a to z. The gang has victims from the US to Dubai, has an outreach to UK, Germany and Switzerland, and claims to be in Panama or Hongkong, but they are in Utah, USA. We expect the FBI to take action, based on our material.

    We have about 500 MegaBytes of data, including internal data of the gang: names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc..


On December 13th., 2016, that email was deleted on the BBC server without having been read.

I tried to get in contact with the BBC for years now. In vain. I have no other way to comment the incredible behavior of the BBC, which is a clear breach of all journalistic rules, than to call the BBC a bunch of autistic idiots.

Post Title: The BBC is a bunch of autistic idiots
Author: Acorlin
Posted: 13th December 2016
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