Hiring a company Homeopath

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Read this until the last line. And especially that…


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    Hiring a company Homeopath
    2017-01-14 Thomas Hansen

    [PHOTO] lisbeth-aardal

    Gaiasoul has as of today hired a company Homeopath; Lisbeth Aardal. To have seemingly non-related functions in a company, might often result in positive effects. Some examples of this are Google who early on in their history hired a master chef, and a massage terapeut. Other examples, includes a Norwegian company who hired a Homeopath, and significantly reduced sick days among their employees.

    Lisbeth Aardal have 20 years of experience as a Homeopath, in addition to 5 years of education at the Norwegian Academy for Homeopathic Medicine. This gives her a unique set of abilities, which we intend to leverage. In addition to of course serving the company with Homeopathic functions, she will also have an advisory function on the board of directors, and the management of the company in general. Her intuition, and abilities in reading and understanding people, will make her a key part of the daily management of the company.

    These abilities will be utilised by the company, when we team up with potential partners, to help us decide if we should collaborate with others or not, among other things. So don’t be surprised if you get to meet Lisbeth in meetings with us in the future.


In some films people make their decisions by rolling dice or by observing the birds’ flights. But things are much easier than that. And even more insane…

Why are these frauds not in jail!?:
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Posted: 14th January 2017
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