Sic transit gloria Dodo

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The quoted text is in German, but you don’t have to actually read it. Just go down to the last paragraph of that article and see the names there.

“The Dodo” is something which appears on Twitter. Until now I had no idea that “The Dodo” belongs to Axel Springer.

Well, this news explains a bit why some videos are a bit peculiar. I wondered WHY THE HELL do people, who just see a harmed animal on the street, or elsewhere, IMMEDIATELY start making video clips of it, when they still are busy with saving the animal?

Looks if a lot, if not all, of that video stuff is fakes. All made up. What a damned shame.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

For me “The Dodo” is dead. As dead as dodo. In the real sense.

    26.02.2018 um 12:32 Uhr
    Jens Müffelmann geht Axel Springer von der Fahne: USA-Chef wechselt in Venture-Capital-Branche

    Gemeinsam mit Discovery Communications Inc. und dem Finanzinvestor Lerer Hippeau hatte Axel Springer 2016 mehrere US-Beteiligungen zur Group Nine Media zusammengelegt. Das Joint-Venture beherbergt Digital-Unternehmen wie NowThis, Thrillist oder The Dodo. 2015 übernahm Axel Springer außerdem die Mehrheit an Business Insider.

Post Title: Sic transit gloria Dodo
Author: Acorlin
Posted: 26th February 2018
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