Holistic approach rocks the oncology scene

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The overwhelming success of homeopathy is based on its holistic approach. Well, to be precise, it is the idea of a dream of an approach. Actually a nightmare. Because homeopathy includes EVERYTHING, every dirt on earth, but can neither cure nor even diagnose. Now, how whole-istic can something be, that can’t diagnose, and that can’t be prophylactic?

So we can proudly say that modern science outpaced homeopathy’s dream by centuries. A blood test that can find 50 types of cancer is better than a crap which can not do anything good at all.

Here is good news from UK:

“Blood test that finds 50 types of cancer is accurate enough to be rolled out
Diagnostic tool being piloted by NHS England shows ‘impressive results’ in spotting tumours in early stages”

Science brings the real whole-istic medicine!

Post Title: Holistic approach rocks the oncology scene
Author: Putnam Groove
Posted: 25th June 2021
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