Welcome Unboxing Day

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Traditions change. Sometimes slow, sometimes very fast. Sometimes even unnoticed. Some even don’t have a name. But for the new one, emerged from the digital age. It is

    Unboxing Day

The many videos, flooding the Net, showing in detail on how to open the blister packs, unwrap the lollipops, open the multi-language manuals on how to bind your shoelaces (it is an art, you know), all that “unboxing” gave the former “Christmas Day” a new name. Considering the offensiveness in the old name, the change had been long overdue.

“Unboxing Day” + “Boxing Day”, a perfect match now.

What next? After the – oh so controversial – “Labor Day” a new light shines up: “Unlabor Day”…

Post Title: Welcome Unboxing Day
Author: Acorlin
Posted: 26th December 2012
Filed As: Hochkultur, Raumschiff Erde, Touristenklasse
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