A Lecture in Rhetorics: How to sandblast Anti-Vaxxers

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Today I have the fun of showing a nice video. But first let me explain some backgrounds.

We often are confronted with people asking us what we think of this or that. There are so many frightening things in the web, one more scary than the other, in anti-vaxxer web-sites.

Oh hell, what shall parents do with all that scary stuff?

Let’s have an example:

Yes, I make that link in full, and I even make it clickable.

Now, I had a glimpse on that garbage over there. The method that guy uses is simple:

    “Drown people in a gigantic swamp of shit!”

There is such an enormous mass of utter bullshit, that no layman can stand up against. The mere mass is too much for people to handle. And the longer the read, the more they are drowned and easier to indoctrinate.

“Some piece of shit must get stuck in their heads.” That is an easy cookbook recipe, intensively used by esotters and conspiracy maniacs.

If one attacks such a mass of shit, it is not necessary to attack in full breadth. Instead, we only have to go and look for clear and simple pieces, which a layman will understand. Take one or two – and demolish them. Blast them to pieces. THAT a layman will understand.

Now, having done that, do we have to go through the ordeal of chopping down each single piece of crap in that garbage yard? No! Because the rest of that pile of shit is of the very same idiocy. We could go trough that shit piece for piece, but it would only lead to one point after the other demonstrating that it is shit, shit, shit. If one wants to go on digging in that shit, well…“Go ahead, it is your time you spoil, because the case already is absolutely clear.”

Let’s have a look at the aforementioned URL. I was curious and – at random – picked one of those URLs that guy links to. Oh, wow!

Now, let’s have some fun.

Part 1:

Look at what it is:


    The above graphs, based on the official death numbers as recorded in the Official Year Books of the Commonwealth of Australia, are taken from Greg Beattie’s excellent book “Vaccination A Parent’s Dilemma” and represent the decline in death rates from infectious disease in Australia. They clearly show that vaccines had nothing to do with the decline in death rates. (Note: Graphical evidence on the decline in death rates from infectious disease for USA, England, New Zealand and many other countries shows the exact same scenario as above).

6 diseases:

– whooping cough
– diphtheria
– measles
– scarlet fever
– typhoid fever
– polio

The trick is always the very same: to only show the number of dead per (say) 100.000 inhabitants over the course of time. It is logical that this number goes down – because of development of better ways of treatment.

In 2006, 7 years ago, I debunked that trick in http://www.pharmamafia.com/

Search in my domain-page http://www.pharmamafia.com/ for the character sequence


You will find the graphics by the HPA (UK) and – below them – the table with the statistical data. BOOM!

(Bild: Britische Statistik: Tote durch Masern, 1940 – 2004
Quelle: http://www.hpa.org.uk/infections/topics_az/measles/images/mea_death_graph.gif)

(Bild: Britische Statistik: Jährlich gemeldete Masernfälle versus Durchimpfungssraten, 1950 – 2000
Quelle: http://www.hpa.org.uk/infections/topics_az/measles/images/vaccover.gif)

Yesterday there was a blog article about fun in Australia:


One URL given there is:


Now, take a deep breath … and enjoy the video:


There we have data from Australia. Good ammunition to have.

The anti-vaxxer in http://www.vaclib.org/sites/debate/web1.html says (see above):

    (Note: Graphical evidence on the decline in death rates from infectious
    disease for USA, England, New Zealand and many other countries shows the
    exact same scenario as above).

Yes, and the statistical data from each country shows the exact same scenario about the INCIDENCES of the diseases: that vaccination is cutting down and exterminating those diseases.

Part 2:

The anti-vaxxers use their insane trick again and again and again. And with some few sentences and 1 or 2 graphics they can be blasted.

Part 3:

Now, do note: Try to find such occurrences, when anti-vaxxers were confronted with this (just like what happened in Australia, and is wonderfully documented in that video!). If the very same anti-vaxxers later try to use their old trick again, they can not claim “we did not know”.

NO!, they DO know, and their using the same trick again demonstrates that they knowingly make false statements; in other words: THEY DO LIE.

Since the anti-vaxxers have a very limited assortment of lies, it is possible to – over time – catch them in such incidents. And piece for piece they can be shown to willfully lie.

Now, how can parents, caring for their children, believe people who are so easy to debunk and who are again and again uncovered as rotten liars?

THAT is part 3 of the logical chain.

Part 1: debunk the foul trick
Part 2: confront the anti-vaxxers IN PUBLIC with the plain and undeniable facts
Part 3: catch the anti-vaxxers in the act of lying to parents

It is as easy as that. Anti-vaxxers are criminals, through and through.

Post Title: A Lecture in Rhetorics: How to sandblast Anti-Vaxxers
Author: Acorlin
Posted: 12th January 2013
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