UK: no informed consent, but lies

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    ‘Choice’ fetish spawns mind-meltingly stupid homeopathy policy

    The UK government’s rejection of a damning Commons report on homeopathy leaves Martin Robbins baffled and depressed

    Imagine asking a pharmacist for condoms and being given the choice between a packet of Durex and socks.

    The government has released its eagerly anticipated response to the Science and Technology Committee’s Evidence Check on Homeopathy and, incredibly, it’s even worse than I thought it would be. The verdict is “business as usual”, with the main recommendations of the committee ignored in a fog of confusion and double-think.”

The complete article by Martin Robbins:
(, Wednesday 28 July 2010 08.28 BST)


Post Title: UK: no informed consent, but lies
Author: Acorlin
Posted: 2nd August 2010
Filed As: Religiöser Wahnsinn in der Medizin, Rhetorik
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