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Alternative child pornography?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

This morning I read a shocking article. It begins like this:

    A call by two Dutch sexologists for “virtual” child pornography to be
    legalised so as to assuage paedophiles’ desires has sparked fierce debate
    in the Netherlands.

    Sexologists Rik van Lunsen and Erik van Beek of Amsterdam University
    Hospital (AMC) last month floated the idea of creating child pornography
    using drawings or computer-generated images.


The idea is insane; no doubt about it. But that is not the point. If you look very carefully at HOW they use rhetorical warfare to backup their wants, you will see the very same patterns already known from the “alternative” health sector.

Let me show you just one striking resemblance:

    “The proposal isn’t really pertinent and for some people it will certainly
    increase the likelihood of going through with [sexual abuse],” warned
    psychotherapist Jules Mulder of the De Waag clinic.

    Mulder, who specialises in treating paedophiles, noted that it would be
    very difficult to cover all “tastes”.

    “Some want photos of naked children, others want children having sex while
    someone else wants an eight-year-old boy with dark hair and a certain look
    in his eyes,” he said.

    “It’s not possible to satisfy these different desires with a bit of
    virtual child pornography.”

Isn’t that a spitting image of what homeopaths and all other kinds of charlatans try?: to get their foot into the door… Just a niche here, just a niche there.

Yesterday I phoned with an MD who has nothing against homeopathy. If the patients want it, they can have it, “AS LONG AS THE PATIENTS DO NOT LEAVE OUT SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE”. But exactly here is the crucial point. The very moment that homeopathy is not rejected, but accepted (even in a niche), it automatically is accepted as being in the same rank. And THAT is it. That is all the homeopaths have to fight for: to get a foot in, to get hands on a niche. One way is to have paid professorships. We have such cases in Germany: companies like Heel pay for a professorship. And the professor does some “research”. But the key is NOT the outcome of the research, the key is the acceptance as being of the same rank as sound science.

The method works. It works damned well. It works so well, that it breaks the resistance of the scientific MDs. And so we have homeopaths, ghost-healers, spiritual healers, and all other kinds of idiots in the health system. In medical doctor’s practises. And we, the patients, are faced with idiots, idiots, idiots. And our lives are at stake.

There are frontiers, which must NOT be crossed – unless patients are allowed to have a loaded Magnum gun as a companion, when going to the doc.

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