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Where is the police to crack down on the vile criminals who tramp on the victims of violence!?

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Just look at the SURROUNDINGS of these videos, look at the bylines and notes:

Where is the police to crack down the vile criminals who tramp on the victims of such violence!?

The very same type of denial of truth like with the uploaders of these videos we see with the anti-vaccinationists and with so many other types of health-fraudsters.

It is all the very same pattern:

  • 1. symply deny facts
  • 2. claim the facts to be fakes and forgeriers
  • 3. claim some dark powers of money/government/”mainstream/medicine”/pharmamafia to be the real doers
  • 4. claim media to cover up the true facts and to lie

In Australia it is Meryl Dorey

and Judy Wilyman

who, among others, act that way, lying, cheating, forging, and terrorizing victims of tragedies.

In each country we have the same type of criminals. Why does justice, why does politics not stop them? It is an outraging shame that such criminals still are free to terrorize victims and their families.

All the victims of violence are not in a position like Lord *, to defend themselves, and to fight back.

All the victims are NOT supported by media, by politics, by justice, to turn down the violence of the criminals. Do we have a class system, where the normal people do not count, are zero, worth nothing?

It is a damned shame, and we must stop it.

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