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Die Parasiten sorgen sich um ihren Anteil an der Beute

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Alle sorgen sich um ihre persönlichen Daten? Nein, natürlich nicht! Sondern um ihren Anteil an der Beute…

Früher nannte man so etwas zutreffenderweise Kriegsgewinnler.

Es hat sich NICHTS geändert, GAR NICHTS.

Kampf den Daten-Nazis! (1)

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

(Screenshot von

Ein guter Trick im Kampf gegen die Daten-Nazis: Verwirrung stiften!

Wenn alle Daten richtig sind, ist das Leben einfach. Je mehr falsche Daten im System sind, desto schwerer ist es, die richtigen darin zu erkennen.

Um sich einen Teil des Werbe-Kuchens zu stehlen, sind “Spezialisten” auf die Idee gekommen, mit Spidern fremde Web-Sites abzugrasen und Daten zu extrahieren, um diese dann in eigenen Datenbanken zu speichern. Einzeldaten werden sortiert und kombiniert; aus Puzzleteilen werden Personen Dinge zugeordnet wie

– Alter,
– Telefonnummer,
– Wohngegend,
und so weiter, und so weiter.

Ob die Daten richtig sind, interessiert die Täter nicht. Die Masse macht es. Aus der werden Myriaden von Web-Seiten generiert, die dann von Suchmaschinen gespidert werden und den Traffic bringen.

Viel! Hauptsache viel!

So werden aus wenigen echten Daten viele, viele, viele. Und die Daten-Nazis leben davon wie die Maden im Speck.

Diese Verbrechenspraxis hat 2 Gruppen von Opfern

1. Personen, deren Daten mißbraucht werden und die durch die falsch
zugeordneten Daten in völlig falsche Zusammenhänge gebracht werden

2. Journalisten und Andere, die sich auf der Suche nach Personen durch einen Morast von Datenschrott
kämpfen müssen – und womöglich noch bezahlen müssen für den Datensalat, der ihnen von den Verbrechern verkauft wird.

Die Suchmaschinen sind VOLL mit Treffern aus Web-Seiten der Daten-Nazis. Leider nämlich werden die Daten-Nazis von den Suchmaschinen nicht gesperrt, eine in logischer und betriebswirtschaftlicher Hinsicht völlig hirnverbrannte Kaltschnäuzigkeit der Suchmaschinenbetreiber, denn durch das unnötige Spidern in den Sites der Daten-Nazis werden Resourcen vergeudet und die unnötigen Treffer bringen den Daten-Nazis Werbegeld, das die Suchmaschinen selbst bekommen könnten. Es sei denn, die Daten-Nazis und die Suchmaschinenbetreiber stecken unter einer Decke…

Die einfachste Möglichkeit des Kampfes gegen die Daten-Nazis ist zugleich die wirksamste: nicht Daten vermeiden, sondern riesige Halden von Datenmüll erzeugen und ins Netz schütten.

Oben im Screenshot sieht man ein sehr interessantes Beispiel einer solchen Aktion, die der Autor so beschreibt:
    (List sorted, typos corrected by me)
    Why does this exist?

    This exists to help hide and obscure people’s real identity. This is done by seeding the fake data into search engines.

    Fake identities on the public internet are not dangerous. Real identities are!
    How does publishing fake identities help obscure my real identity?

    There are several companies that gather your identity information, either from public sources, or via scraping information on the internet, creating identity profiles of people.

    Web sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    and others advertize access to this information to anyone via google search.

    Some companies charge a monthly fee for this service, some ask you to contribute your information in exchange, some will let you pay to remove the information. Regardless of the revenue model, it is easy and likely that someone can learn enough from the web to hijack your identity.

    The fake identities in this site are designed to rank higher in search engines compared to the other companies listings. In the case of phone numbers and social security numbers, our sites rank first. This fact will keep some of the curious away from attempting to pry into your true identity.

    How was this made?

    To start, the Author legally obtained access to 78 million real contacts, with permission to publish the data in this way. The contact information was then scrambled, and filtered against listed names to avoid any coincidences with real people.

    A customized set of programs designed to work with the high volume of data was created. Current database technology is too general purpose, and too slow to handle such a large volume of information. Even with these fast advances, it took 20 months in order to process the data.

    A technical summary will be posted in the future.

Mit anderen Worten: Man kauft sich eine DVD mit Daten, die man dann weiterbenutzen darf. Die ECHTEN Datensätze darf man wegen des Urheberrechts natürlich nicht wiederveröffentlichen.

Aber gefälschte Datensätze sind ja bearbeitet und somit eigene Leistung, und es sind auch nicht die gekauften, die man veröffentlicht.

Es empfiehlt sich also ein Blick in die Geschäftsbedingungen der Verkäufer von Daten-DVDs … und schon hat man für weniger als 20 Euro Datensätze von mehreren zig Millionen Personen zur völlig freien Gestaltung.

Man muß bei der englischen Beschreibung schon Obacht geben: es ist nicht die Rede davon, daß die 78 Millionen PERSONEN gefragt wurden! Es geht nur um die Verwendung von Datensätzen…

A strange matter: opinion research as part of global manipulation

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Searching for certain texts on homeopathy I stumbled over the “market research” survey of a certain company. Trying to find out more about homeopathy and market research I scanned web-sites of Kantar, which at that time I thought to be an Indian company. But it is not. Kantar is, so they say, world’s largest opinion research/market research company, a globally spread multi-lingual (mostly English, of course) enterprise. I followed the traces, collected more sites and, several computer days in the Net and 7 GigaBytes later, I had over 600 domains – and an astonishing result.

The list of the domains by far is not complete, and it leads to many sites NOT affiliated. But it shows a network of incredible power. As I have no further use for this list I dumped it at
for students and journalists.

I had started with a newspaper text that based on a market research paper on homeopathy. Curious, I checked opinion research/market research company sites for statements or (at least) even mentioning homeopathy. I expected some hints to suspicions I had, but … instead of a wealth of information I found the contrary: there seems to exist nearly nothing of market research for homeopathy. How can this be?: a billion-Euro-market and nearly no market research…?

It is quite funny that several web-sites by homeopaths and believers quote, portrait, or copy this statistics and its figures and various graphical presentations of the figures, which are derived from a marketing study by TGI:


The origin of this graphics is

This version is at Zeno’s blog:

    The disaster in figures:
    India 62%
    Brazil 58%
    Saudi Arabia 53%
    Chile 49%
    UAE 49%
    France 40%
    South Africa 35%
    Russia 28%
    Germany 27%
    Argentina 25%
    Hungary 25%
    USA 18%
    Great Britain 15%

Of course the homeopaths boast with the 62 percent of India, and with the other high values.

But Germany, the homeland of homeopathy, has a measly 27 percent – WHAT A DISASTER! And this despite the fact that in Germany the fraud homeopathy even is supported by special laws…

And the UK (I had not known the Brits are so much brighter than the Germans) is nearly dead end for homeopathy: mere 15 percent!

What do the figures stand for? The visible statement is: “I trust homeopathic medicine”.

Is that all? What about the conditions? Under which conditions do the people (asked in that survey back in 2008) live? To which extend to they trust homeopathy? And for which diseases?

No matter under which conditions the surveys in the various countries were made, the figures are a disaster. In the UK 85 percent of the population (according to the figures – and that is what the homeopathica manufacturers can quote) do not trust homeopathy. In Germany people are a bit dense (and stronger brainwashed by fraudulent media over the decades), but, still, 3/4 of the population do not trust homeopathy.

Who, with these miserable figures, would go on and make more costly surveys? No one. The surveys would only reveal what already is known from the sales figures.

So, that is the reason: homeopathy is known as being rubbish. People do not want it. People do not take it. Market research would only show this, again and ever again.

Wer lesen darf, hat mehr vom Leben

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Liebe Freunde der geschliffenen und der gehobelten Sprache,

wer lesen kann, hat mehr vom Leben. Ob man allerdings lesen WILL, das hängt entscheidend davon ab, ob der Magen noch mitmacht. Bei zu leichter Kost wird es schwer.

Beispiel Deutscher Bundestag:

    “Bundes-Tag ist der Name für eine Gruppe von Menschen, die in diesem Haus arbeiten. Die Menschen in dieser Gruppe nennt man auch: Abgeordnete. Es gibt 631 Abgeordnete. Es sind Frauen und Männer. Die Abgeordneten dürfen für alle anderen Menschen in Deutschland Entscheidungen treffen. Sie bestimmen die Gesetze in Deutschland. Die Abgeordneten werden alle 4 Jahre gewählt. Das nennt man: Bundes-Tags-Wahl. Die letzte Wahl war im Jahr 2013. Die nächste Wahl ist im Jahr 2017.”

Beispiel Gaza-Konflikt:

    “Im Gaza-Streifen ist immer noch Krieg. Soldaten aus Israel kämpfen dort gegen Palästinenser. Die Soldaten haben auch Schulen mit Raketen angegriffen. Viele Menschen sind schon gestorben. Jetzt schickt Israel noch mehr Soldaten in den Gaza-Streifen.”

So einfaches Deutsch, das schlägt auf den Magen. Und auf’s Hirn.

Die Inklusion der Implosion ist eine Explosion der gottverdammten Blödheit.

Hirnschäden programmiert:

Die Allüren der Sperrmüllabfuhr Bremerhaven

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Bremerhaven, 3.9.2014, die Sperrmüllabfuhr ist da:

    “Das nehmen wir nicht mit, da sind Tiere drauf.”
    “Was für Tiere?”

Das ist ein nahezu wörtlicher Auszug aus der “Diskussion” mit 3 Herren der Firma BEG (Bremerhavener Entsorgungsgesellschaft “BEG logistics GmbH”).

In Bremerhaven gehen die Uhren eben anders.

Demnächst, in Frack und Zylinder, nehmen sie nur mit, was sie auf possierlichste Weise mit silber-bereiften Eßstäbchen greifen können. Samthandschuhe, weiß, sind conditio sine qua non, und es gilt – selbstverständlich! – die oberste Pflicht, diese durch Nichtstun blütenweiß zu halten bis zum Ende des Monats, wo sie gegen neue, noch weißere ausgetauscht werden, noblesse oblige!

Der Terrorismus der mentalen Analphabeten

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Der Terrorismus der mentalen Analphabeten

Posted by Reiselzing 2009-09-01 05:32:43

“Wie ist es möglich, daß diese Logik sich fast das gesamte demokratische Spektrum Untertan gemacht hat? Wie ist es möglich, daß Gesellschaften mit dem höchsten Bildungsstandard aller Zeiten sich von ein paar Grundsätzen regieren lassen, die einer auch nur bescheidenen Überprüfung nicht Stand halten? Man überprüft sie erst gar nicht. Genau das ist der Totalitarismus der Mitte. Er kann – wenigstens einstweilen – auf den klassischen Repressionsapparat einer Diktatur verzichten.”

“Das wahre Problem besteht darin, daß diese sogenannte Mediengesellschaft sich einen medialen Analphabetismus leistet, der seinesgleichen sucht.”

(Walter van Rossum im Interview “Die Grundlage ist der Konformismus” mit “Junge Welt”

We are being spied on!

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Mum, keep your mouth shut! - The Twitter has ears!

at “American Merchant Marine at War”

Roughly 3/7 of the population on earth have access to the internet.

My hope for good figures from the CIA was in vain: The latest figures in the “World Factbook” of the CIA
are from 2009 – and the newest number of 464 users on the “Christmas Island” even is from 2001…
I can’t even tell them because the recording tape of the tape recorder of their phone answering machine is full. Perhaps the NSA should share a bit of its wealth with their starving colleagues at the CIA…

Some new figures:

“Facebook now has 1.32 billion users, with 30% only using it on their mobile – and the average American spends 40 minutes a DAY on the site”

“Facebook is probably even bigger than you think it is. The company actually has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs) across its flagship properties:
Facebook has 1.3 billion MAUs.
WhatsApp has 500 million MAUs.
Instagram has 200 million MAUs
Messenger has 200 million MAUs.
Total users: 2.2 billion”

“WhatsApp Now Has 600 Million Monthly Active Users”

Active data at 1.9.2014:
829 million daily active users on average in June 2014
654 million mobile daily active users on average in June 2014
1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014
1.07 billion mobile monthly active users as of June 30, 2014
Approximately 81.7% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada”

Active data at 1.9.2014:
“Number of worldwide internet users from 2000 to 2014 (in millions)
This statistic gives information on the total number of worldwide internet users from 2000 to 2014. As of 2014, the number of internet users worldwide was 2.92 billion, up from 2.71 billion in the previous year.”

Roughly more than 2/3 of the users on earth are in Facebook. Twitter is not as large as Facebook, but gaining influence.

What does that mean? Where does that lead to?
    (emphasis by me)
    Social Media

    More than three billion blogs, forums, portals, review sites, micro-blogs, news groups with over 900,000 new entries in 24 hours – trend on the rise – are an infinite pool of original resources for every PR specialist, market and opinion researcher. At the same time, the sheer mass of information presents a problem. The reason: while a full survey is vital for the accumulation of market data, usually less than ten percent of the entries are in fact of any relevance.


    Kantar Media works with its own leading meta search technology that searches the complete international social media world as a full survey with no source restrictions.


    Social Media analyses give you an insight into the unbiased consumer perspective. Here, you will find the answers to strategic questions that drive your business, a service that goes a step further than classic market research.


Dive in Twitter

I made long-lasting and intensive experiments at Twitter. One of the results everyone can check for himself:

At Twitter post a tweet with some words and a URL of a web-forum. The forum must have a counter to show how often a thread was read. Immediately after you tweet an URL that URL is acessed – which can be seen by the rising number of accesses. But watch it! The number goes up so fast, within 1-3 seconds, that actually no humans COULD have reacted that fast.

The reason is simple: you are being spied on. 8-13 spiders IMMEDIATELY grab for the URL you tweet, and digest it. It is spiders what the forum counter gets. No humans. Spiders.

You can repeat that experiment at any time.

Do it, do it again with a different URL of the same forum, do it again fast with more different URLs of the same forum – and you can drive up the numbers beyond 100 in a few minutes.

The aftermath

What is done after the spider took the URL and walked into the web? The answer is quite simple – and amazing: the spider takes only that one single web-page. Not more. This for several reasons:

1. It would consume too much time and effort.
2. it would be useless.
3. …

Poof! Nothing more. It really would be useless. Why so? Because the most important thing for the spies is the PERSONAL connection. They relate the person at Twitter with the contents of that very single web-page. The person at Twitter is related with what it tweets as words – AND with what contents there is in the web-pages the person links to. It all is a matter of statistics.

The next phase comes more or less fast:

1. One’s mailbox is bombed with spam, relating to what one wrote AND to what is in the linked web-pages one referred to…

2. Google pushes advertisement contents into web-pages one gets on the screen, and the advertisement contents DIRECTLY relates to what one wrote at Twitter and to what is in the web-pages one mentioned.

Another experiment goes like this: enter Twitter, post some few tweets – and look at the forum of which you so often posted URLs: the access numbers of the guests in the forum go up. You are awaited by the spiders…

One of my most-agressively attacked web-pages has about 10000 accesses each month. Why so? Because it contains thousands of names, and NAMES is what the spies are after. (But as there is no connection with anything else in that very web-page, the spies bite the dust…)

Names is what the spies are after. And phone numbers, street names, email-addresses. And more, much more…

About 3/7 of the population on earth is in the internet. This is an immense ocean full of prey to grab for. And then to sell whatever junk the companies have to sell. And to tell lies, PR-lies, political lies, whatever lies. To manipulate and control people. Brain-washing.

The powers of the whole financial weight of the whole commerce on earth is put into this. Politicians and intelligence agencies (like CIA or NSA) are irrelevant dwarfs, they are little leaves in the wind. No, HERE is the real owners of the earth…

And they spy on you…

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