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A strange matter: opinion research as part of global manipulation

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Searching for certain texts on homeopathy I stumbled over the “market research” survey of a certain company. Trying to find out more about homeopathy and market research I scanned web-sites of Kantar, which at that time I thought to be an Indian company. But it is not. Kantar is, so they say, world’s largest opinion research/market research company, a globally spread multi-lingual (mostly English, of course) enterprise. I followed the traces, collected more sites and, several computer days in the Net and 7 GigaBytes later, I had over 600 domains – and an astonishing result.

The list of the domains by far is not complete, and it leads to many sites NOT affiliated. But it shows a network of incredible power. As I have no further use for this list I dumped it at
for students and journalists.

I had started with a newspaper text that based on a market research paper on homeopathy. Curious, I checked opinion research/market research company sites for statements or (at least) even mentioning homeopathy. I expected some hints to suspicions I had, but … instead of a wealth of information I found the contrary: there seems to exist nearly nothing of market research for homeopathy. How can this be?: a billion-Euro-market and nearly no market research…?

It is quite funny that several web-sites by homeopaths and believers quote, portrait, or copy this statistics and its figures and various graphical presentations of the figures, which are derived from a marketing study by TGI:


The origin of this graphics is

This version is at Zeno’s blog:

    The disaster in figures:
    India 62%
    Brazil 58%
    Saudi Arabia 53%
    Chile 49%
    UAE 49%
    France 40%
    South Africa 35%
    Russia 28%
    Germany 27%
    Argentina 25%
    Hungary 25%
    USA 18%
    Great Britain 15%

Of course the homeopaths boast with the 62 percent of India, and with the other high values.

But Germany, the homeland of homeopathy, has a measly 27 percent – WHAT A DISASTER! And this despite the fact that in Germany the fraud homeopathy even is supported by special laws…

And the UK (I had not known the Brits are so much brighter than the Germans) is nearly dead end for homeopathy: mere 15 percent!

What do the figures stand for? The visible statement is: “I trust homeopathic medicine”.

Is that all? What about the conditions? Under which conditions do the people (asked in that survey back in 2008) live? To which extend to they trust homeopathy? And for which diseases?

No matter under which conditions the surveys in the various countries were made, the figures are a disaster. In the UK 85 percent of the population (according to the figures – and that is what the homeopathica manufacturers can quote) do not trust homeopathy. In Germany people are a bit dense (and stronger brainwashed by fraudulent media over the decades), but, still, 3/4 of the population do not trust homeopathy.

Who, with these miserable figures, would go on and make more costly surveys? No one. The surveys would only reveal what already is known from the sales figures.

So, that is the reason: homeopathy is known as being rubbish. People do not want it. People do not take it. Market research would only show this, again and ever again.

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