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Die Machtergreifung

Friday, June 30th, 2017

(Korrektur von ,1.7.2017)

Die Justiz ersäuft in ihrem Wahn

Die ehrenwerte Gesellschaft rüstet auf

How the Brexit poll changes life dramatically after Grenfell Tower mass murder

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

The Grenfell Tower is a clear case of mass murder: the responsibles knew absolutely well that their messing up the fire prevention would cause deaths.
And, worse, MORE responsibles covered ALL THAT up, knewing well that they would cause deaths.

It is not a matter of the people in those houses being poor.
It is a matter of abuse of power, of organized abuse of power.

It is organized crime. Nothing less.

Now that the fire happened, the parties desperately try to cover up, and, to do so, they claim that they care about the citizens.

And so, the Brexit poll disaster makes them move.

Now, after it got into public that MANY houses are lethal traps, it is not only the Brexit polls, no, the situation escalated one step more:
What if fire is set intentionally to one or more of those houses, towers preferred? Aren’t towers a perfect target for a terrorist attack?
In Berlin and other towns in Germany it has become a nearly daily habit to burn off some cars in the streets.

And now … towers will burn?

If they were concerned about the fate of citizens, they would have had established correct fire prevention YEARS AGO.

But they didn’t.

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