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G-Day ahead!

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

The great country Germany, one of the greatest countries ever on this planet, with all its wonderfool computers and gadgets … is too damned rotten stupid to use them. People are so bored, they get crazy.

All the time being they had the wonderfool computers and smartphones and tablets, all this great “communication” stuff. And now, that time has come to really USE it, the idiots go into the streets and places to demonstrate for their “right” to destroy others’ health and life by spreading lethal viruses by PERSONAL contact.

THESE PEOPLE, who hide behind their email address, who bar themselves behind mazes of unreadable web-pages, and who tear off the name plates at their apartment doors and house gates, THESE PEOPLE, who want to be invisible, THEY demonstrate in the streets!?

Germany does not deserve computers, smartphones, and TV. Or cars.

Anything beyond oxcarts is beyond their wits.

A nationwide EMP should settle that problem, I suggest.

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