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The Pothole Society on the road – downhill…

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

There was a glimpse of hope:

But Netflix is a bunch of insane:

Netflix Customer Service
Your issue is: This is not about an issue. I have material for you. Get me in contact with an editors group.

Thank you
You are now chatting with: Oliver Nielsen

Netflix Oliver Nielsen
Hi there! You’ve reached Netflix Chat. My name is Oliver and I have read your concern above. If you have an idea for a show or film, you may be curious how to send it to Netflix. Netflix only accepts submissions through a licensed literary agent, or from a producer, attorney, manager, or entertainment executive with whom we have a preexisting relationship. Any idea that is submitted by other means is considered an “unsolicited submission.” If you have other concerns regarding your account, I’m here to assist further. May I have your name and email on the account, please?

So David wrote:
> This is how things work in the entertainment industry. The scientific
> community seems incapable of understanding how to get their points across…

It is quite simple: We talk with the editors. Like I did some years ago, when I learned that “Forbes” was planning an article on (Tahitian) Noni.

At that time it was possible to reach them. I had a phone talk with Dirk Smillie, a journalist, and the article was a world-wide disaster for the noni mlm scene. I never told them that it was me, who nixed their plans.

“Tale of the South Pacific”
Dirk Smillie
May 23, 2004,11:00pm EDT

At the second time I wanted to reach that journalist again, with material about an other topic, it was not possible anymore. He had left to an other place. And did not answer. The editors at “Forbes” could not be reached. All is barred behind an insane phone answering machine and “send email”.

I wish those idiots that their house is on fire, someone in the street sees it, tries to warn them by phone, but is rejected by their phone answering machine.

The autism of the news industry has reached incredible heights. “Forbes” was an early example. The “BBC” is an other one. Look for phone numbers there. You will find none. Except 1 or 2 for listeners/viewers help. For “help” for the average daft on how to tune his TV set or whatever. But you can not get through to the editors.

There is the word “helicopter parents”. We should extend that to “helicopter journalism”: splash “news” onto the citizens, then disappear back into their cloud.

The arrogance of those impostors has reached the level of politicians.

Journalism is a mega fraud these days. The media gangsters live in a parallel world, attacking everyone, who does not share their ideology, with utmost force, and maintain hatred seeding and public character assassination. We just now have a case of this in Germany.

It is impossible to get them to make scientifically based reports. They only “massage” the facts and “re-arrange” them to follow their ideology.

In 2009 I uncovered the largest media fraud in Germany state TV history. Here are the facts:

It was about the key role of a “journalist”, who acted as a lever to get a nationwide PR campaign on TV, worth millions of Euros (but for nothing), for a pink creme: Regividerm, a creme with vitamin B12 and avocado oil, alleged to help/heal neurodermatitis.

NO-ONE of the journalist scene ever reported on that fraud, how it REALLY was committed. No-one. In 2010, the following year, a large nationwide congress was held at the site of German state TV station NDR in Hamburg. Even then and there, the journalists made up and maintained fakes about the Regividerm fraud.

You can lay out the full range of proven and verifiable facts to journalists. They DO NOT WANT to use them. Because they are robots, fulfilling their insane ideology.

We must free ourselves from that whole scene and establish a real scientific information system on our own.

The problem: the “skeptics” try that, but they, too, just follow some insane ideologies.

So there still today is not a single one useful article in German media on homeopathy. Just as an example. And there are many other examples, which show in broad daylight, how insane the German skeptics are: pushing extremely dangerous GMO on the fields, pushing nuclear power, denying the dangers, attacking energy conversion using windmills or tide converters, etc.

As someone who observes the scene for about 3 decades now, I know SOME key persons, who for sure are on the pay-list of this or that industry for doing their mass delusion. But so far I did not have the chance to get court-proof pieces of proof to nail them. The whole skeptic scene is manipulated by some professors of this or that, or “journalists”, in the background, pulling the wires, washing the brains, pushing the skeptics as pawns on their chess board.

Just 2 more examples:

In 2014 I completely cracked the maze of the frauds of homeopathy.

2014, that is SIX YEARS ago. Until today not a single journalist got the facts and published about them. Not a single journalist, despite I talked with many by now.

On the other hand the skeptics, who I informed, too, deny the facts, in full or partially. They even “distance” themselves from me in public. But they NEVER say why. Because then the citizens would see, how the skeptics mess up. One point: They deny a fraud covering a sum of more than half of the total sales of the German homeopathica manufacturers, that is more than 350 million Euros per year (for “complex homeopathy”) of a total sales volume in the range of 700 million Euros.

Imagine: the skeptics deny more than half of the total sales of that fraud industry. Who could take these ignoramuses for serious?

In 2020 it was uncovered how the homeopathy scene for 100 years now defrauds the public with the claim that homeopathy was effective in fighting the 1918/1919 influenza pandemic. It was shown that the whole thing is a fraud, mainly committed by 3 homeopaths in 1918/1919 and the following years: by McCann, Dewey, and Pearson. And then maintained by a growing number of homeopaths, who (as medical doctors!) now, today!, claim that the AVERAGE death-rate of “school medicine” was 30 percent, while the homeopaths only had about 1.5 percent (or even less than 1 percent!).

Here is the story in German, with many pieces of proof:

Here is my English story about the findings:

“Homeopathic mass fraud concerning claimed efficacy of homeopathy in epidemics”

The German background articles were published in the TG-1 in March 2020. I published my text in May 2020.

Not a single journalist took up the pieces, despite the story is extremely important, because homeopaths world-wide with great force cheat and manipulate citizens into taking homeopathy (and pay their deadly “services”) to fight the SarsCov2 virus pandemic. The skeptics did not mention the facts with a single word. How insane can people be to commit such a crime against mankind, or against their paying readers/viewers?

We are surrounded by morons.


Monday, August 10th, 2020

The New Yorker A cartoon by Danny Shanahan.

Aber es gibt ja den Notruf.

Wahrscheinlich wird es dereinst Sammelbände geben, wie die Menschen die Isolationshaft durchgestanden haben. Von Jedem mindestens 20 Bände. Pro Tag.

Wie haben es die Menschen früher bloß geschafft, eingeschneit in den Bergen, in der Schweiz und im Allgäu? Oder auf den Halligen? Es gibt nur eine Erklärung: Die haben ihre Tagebücher aufgefressen.

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