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“Brillia for Children” is a fraud

Sunday, November 1st, 2020

On 2020-11-01 01:23, R. H. wrote:

“Would anyone care to comment on this homeopathic product for children?


Any comments about this study would be much appreciated (Science behind Brillia)….


The third but last passage of page 5 of the PDF explains everything:

The active component of Brillia for Children is affinity purified antibodies to brain-specific S-100-protein/lapine s-100 immune globulin which are used for saturation of lactose monohydrate in the form of water-ethanol mixture of active substance dilutions with concentration 12C, 30C, 50C.

12C, 30C, 50C are D24, D60 and D100 dilutions. Anything above D23 (= 1: 10 exp 23) is utter bullshit.

So they used dilutions, so insanely diluted, that no molecule of the mother tincture could be left.

They used one single substance. Which is a breach of fundamental homeopathy rules, because to give each patient the very same remedy is WRONG. Each patient needs his SPECIFIC, individually found remedy, found by search in a repertorium.

The number of probands was MUCH too small.

If they tried D24, D60, and D100, then D100 should show a stronger effect than D60, and D60 a stronger effect than D24. Did they test that?

All their statistics is utter bullshit, disguising what they really did: commit a fraud against the fundamental rules of homeopathy, covering that up by abusing mathematical and other bluffs.

All homeopaths, who do not realize this, are no homeopaths or even homeopathic scientists; they are stupid nuts and impostors.

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