Avatar Systems Corporation is located at 1455 McCarthy
Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035. Phone: (408) 321-0110;
fax: (408) 321-0115. Internet:

Corporate Mission

Avatar Systems Corporation was founded in June, 1991, to design and develop high performance disk drives featuring a high capacity removable HARDiskette for notebook, desktop and workstation applications.


Avatar's products address the application requirements of several diverse markets. In the portable computer arena, where most offerings contain a fixed hard drive and an optional floppy drive, Avatar's products enable users to conveniently remove or exchange data files without compromising performance or storage capacity. For the desktop and workstation markets, the removable HARDiskettes allow multiple users to quickly personalize a system for their own needs and at the same time retain a high level of data security.


The Avatar product family includes the ASR-2170NI and the ASR-3170FS. The ASR-2170NI is a 2.5 inch disk drive which contains a proprietary HARDiskette (HD). The HD's consist of a rigid glass disk providing users with 170 MBs of formatted storage. The HARDiskette has been ergonomically designed to fit into a shirt pocket, measuring a mere 0.182" (4.63 mm) x 2.69" (68.33 mm) x 3.00" (76.2 mm). The product is available with either a SCSI-2 or IDE/AT interface and has a <12 millisecond average access time.

The ASR-3170FS is a multifunctional storage device which includes an 170 MB 2.5 inch disk drive with removable HARDiskette and a conventional 1.44 MB 3.5 inch floppy drive, all packaged in the industry standard one inch high, 3.5 inch form factor.


Sales & Marketing

Avatar Systems Corporation is focusing exclusively on OEM manufacturers of high performance subnotebook, notebook, high-end desktop and workstation computer systems. The company has formed strategic alliances with selected OEMs to introduce its advanced storage products into the marketplace.


Bancha Ongkosit, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Tom Maher, Executive Vice President of World Wide Operations & General Manager
Tom Romero, (acting) Chief Financial Officer
Bob Beaton, Vice President of Asian Operations
Harpreet Bhasin, Vice President of Quality & Reliability
Tim Caldwell, Vice President of Sales
Rex Hamilton, Vice President of Engineering
Nancy Lehan, Controller
Brian Ramos, Vice President of Marketing

HQ & Manufacturing

Avatar's headquarters in Milpitas, CA includes Sales & Marketing, Finance, R&D, Purchasing, and Operations. A small volume manufacturing capability is also located at Headquarters.Volume Manufacturing is performed at Avatar's 24,000 sq. foot state of the art operations in Bangkok, Thailand.